Whale Watching Field Trips

Educational Whale Watch Program


Special School Group Price – $11.00 per person

Field trip for Los Angeles or Orange County, Davey’s Locker’s whale watching school field trips offer year round opportunities to view whales, dolphin, sea lions, and many other marine animals from the safety of a large whale watching ship. Davey’s Locker’s educational team provides presentations touching on state educational standards, onboard narration, and post cruise activities to enrich the whale watching field trip experience for students from all different grade levels.
  • A pre-program instructional packet for the teacher that provides a background on the marine environment and relates the concepts to the learning standards.
  • An in-class presentation and activity on marine mammals and the Southern California marine environment provided by our staff. Our staff members consist of marine biologists and credentialed teachers who have been certified as naturalists by the American Cetacean Society.
  • A field trip aboard one of our safe and insured vessels to potentially view whales, dolphins, sea lions and marine birds. The experience of being on a boat provides a unique way to learn about the marine environment that few children get to experience!
  • A follow up activity for the teacher to assign to the class for optimal learning and comprehension.
The program can be modified to meet the curricular needs of the individual classes and is differentiated for all age levels.

The all-inclusive cost of the program is $11 per student.

School rates apply for groups of 20 or more and children under 18 years of age. For college or adult education groups, call for price.

Randi is a senior education staff member. Randi has a Master’s degree in education and a passion for the outdoors. This environment has given her the best of both worlds. She enjoys “creating an interactive educational environment based on our whale watching trips. This allows children and adults to be able to get more out of their whale watching experience. Who knew learning could be so much fun!”