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Long Beach coastal waters offers some of the finest deep sea fishing in Southern California. Davey’s Locker has fished the Long Beach area for over 50 years. Deep sea fishing off Long Beach can be recognized by several different names including ocean fishing, sport fishing, salt water fishing, and charter fishing. [View Pricing and Trip Lengths]

Which ever terms you use they all mean basically the same, fishing Long Beach coastal and offshore waters for over 30 varieties of gamefish available. Gamefish of all sizes and varieties can be caught including giant yellowtail to over 40 pounds, white sea bass, halibut, calico bass, sand bass, bonito, red snapper, whitefish, tuna, and dozens more. Both ½ day and full day fishing trips often catch hundreds of fish per trip meaning every angler has lots of action.

This ocean or sport fishing may be quite a surprise if accustomed to trout fishing and other freshwater species. Action is more fast paced.

Davey’s Locker is located 30 minutes from downtown Long Beach departing from Newport Bay. Select from several trip lengths from ½ day 5 hour fishing trips to full day Catalina Island trips, and overnight island and offshore trips. Regardless of the trip, each ship is fully staffed with crew members to assist both beginners and more experienced fishermen. Rod rental, licensing, tackle, and anything else you could imagine you might need for your fishing trip is available at our onsite office. Each ship is fully equipped with latest in fish finding electronics, huge bait systems supplying unlimited bait, indoor and outdoor seating, full service kitchen, menís and womenís restrooms, and lots of other extras to make for a comfortable and relaxing experience. Along with our pricing and schedule, we wanted to provide other useful information for planning your next fishing trip. We included Long Beach area tide charts, common gamefish caught in Long Beach waters; popular fishing locations in Long Beach coastal areas, marine weather for Long Beach and surrounding waters, and moon phase information are all listed below.

Long Beach Beach Tide Chart

Typically fish feed best in Long Beach waters on tidal movement. The greater the variance in high and low tides the greater the movement of water. Incoming or time leading up to high tide is a favorite time for good fishing.

Long Beach Coastal And Island Fishing Locations

Palos Verde Peninsula – Located at N 33.77085 and W -118.37868 is a cape that separates Santa Monica Bay and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the south. Over 11 miles of coastline. Popular locations include Rocky Point at the most northern part of the peninsula, Point Fermin Reef, Long Point, and Point Vincente. Cliffs and kelp make this habitat very similar to Catalina Island.

Horseshoe Kelp – A popular fishing area at 33∞ 40.07’N. x 118∞ 12.15’W roughly 10 miles in length starting at the San Pedro Light House and continuing to the dropoff just north of the Huntington Flats. Close to Los Angles and Long Beach ports. Once upon a time supported a thriving kelp bed the area still offers great fishing for large and small gamefish.

Huntington Flats – Located at 33D 39.30’N. x 118D 03.40’W. Offers great year round fishing with artificial reefs including Izorís Reef and hard bottom and shale areas. Huge schools of sand bass and barracuda during the summer months mean non stop action. Yellowtail, white sea bass, and halibut are some of the larger prized gamefish available.

Catalina Island – 22 miles long and approximately 25 miles from Los Angeles this may well be the birth place of game fishing as we know it. Deep waters are found relatively close to shore and all sorts of gamefish can be found including marlin, tuna, and giant black sea bass. Favorite locations include East End, Farnsworth Bank, Orange Rock, Bird Rock, and the West End. So many good places to fish.

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Popular gamefish targeted in Long Beach waters


Yellowtail – Maybe the most prized gamefish in southern California waters this hard fighting member of the jack family will not disappoint. Caught year round at the islands of Los Angeles, and seasonally along the coastal waters. 10-20 pound specimens are common and up to 40 pounds possible.

White Sea Bass – Known for reaching giant sizes of 70 pounds or more 30-40 pounds is more the norm. Both found at Catalina Island and along the coast year round this fish can bite with reckless abandon and then at times be very finicky. Excellent eating gamefish.

Calico Bass – Also known as rock bass these smaller gamefish can make up for their size in their fighting ability. During the spring and summer months these fish spawn creating clouds of bass that will inhale most baits. Still they head for the rocks and the larger specimens are very difficult to keep from breaking you off in the rocks. They grow slowly and larger ones are best returned to ensure healthy breeding stock.

Barracuda – Aggressive gamefish that attacks lures and baits and can bite through line before you feel the bite. Caught year round but primarily in the spring and summer months. Large schools make for not stop action. Hard fighting lots of fun for both adults and kids.

Sand Bass – These smaller gamefish can make up for their size in their fighting ability. During the spring and summer months these fish spawn creating clouds of bass that will inhale most baits. During their spawn they are found in schools over sandy bottom and can be caught on very light line in the Summer months. During the fall and winter months 20 pound test or more is needed to get larger specimens from reefs. One of the most commonly caught gamefish. Slow growing so good idea to return the larger ones to ensure healthy breeding stock.

Rockfish – Covers many species of gamefish usually found in slightly deeper water. Red snapper, ling cod, sheepshead, sculpin, whitefish or just a few all great eating and caught in larger numbers. Although not considered larger gamefish several of the varieties can reach 15 pounds of more. Caught year round both at islands and along the coastline. Along with being excellent eating their coloration is quite amazing.

Recommended Hotels

Hyatt Regency Long Beach
200 S. Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 491-1234

Marriott – Long Beach
4700 Airport Plaza Drive
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 425-5210

Best Western of Long Beach
1725 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90813
(562) 599-5555

Hilton – Long Beach
701 W. Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90831
(562) 983-3400

The Westin – Long Beach
333 E. Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 436-3000



Departures: 6:00 am | 9:00 am | 12:30 pm | 7:00 pm

Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Species: Bass, Sheephead, Sculpin, Bonito, Barracuda, White Sea Bass, Mackerel

Trip Type Price
Adult Ticket* $41.50
Junior / Senior Ticket* $34.00
Junior Package** $64.60
Senior Package includes rod rental, tackle pack, and (1) Day Fishing License $78.75
Adult Package includes rod rental, tackle pack, and (1) Day Fishing License $86.25



Duration: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Species: Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Bonito, Barracuda, Calico Bass, Sheephead, Sculpin

Trip Type Price
Adult Ticket* $71.00
Junior / Senior Ticket* $61.00
Junior Package** $86.60
Senior Package includes rod rental, tackle pack, and (1) Day Fishing License $100.75
Adult Package includes rod rental, tackle pack, and (1) Day Fishing License $110.75

*ticket only

**Junior Package does not include Day Fishing License

Adult / Senior Packages include rod rental, tackle pack, and (1) Day Fishing License ( 16yrs+ requires license )

Gunny sacks and fish cleaning are an additional fee on board



Duration: 9:00pm – 7:00am

Species: Yellowtail, white sea bass, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, bluefin tuna, dorado, and more

Trip Time Price
9pm – 7am $140 – $249


Rod Rental Standard Tackle Pack Rockfish Tackle Pack Day License Annual License
$13.00 $9.50 $20.00 $15.12 $52.15

Prices subject to change without notice. Additional fuel surcharge may apply. Outside alcohol, ice chests, coolers, or glass containers are strictly prohibited. Vessel subject to change.

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